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Pavonia Arabica

Plant Name :

Pavonia Arabica

Figure available :

All Parts, Powder

Quality :


Quantity Available :

100000 KG

Medical uses :


Minimum Order :

100 KG


Annual or usually perennial herb or shrublet, up to c. 1 m tall; vegetative parts pubescent to tomentose and sometimes glandular. Leaves with 0.5–5 cm long petiole, blade ovate to elliptic, c. 1.5–6 x 1–3.5 cm, cordate to rounded at the base, subacute to rounded or emarginate at the apex, with entire margins.
Flowers solitary in leaf axils or in small axillary cymes, pedicels 2–30 mm long, articulated above the middle. Epicalyx bracts 9–14, 5–15 mm long in flower. Calyx 3–6 mm long, puberulous to tomentose and sometimes glandular. Petals 7–15 mm long, pink or rarely white. Mericarps 3–4.5 mm long, not or scarcely winged, tomentose to lanate on the back, subglabrous to densely puberulous on the sides ..


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