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Composition :

The product contains pollen of Forskalea viridis loaded on the same plant stalk

Chemical Composition : ( Each 100 MG Powder Contains )

Fat :

1.3 G

Fiber :

6.4 G

Cellulose :

0.7 GM

Hemicellulose :

3.2 GM

Pectine :

1.6 GM

Fignine :

0.9 GM

Ash :

2.3 G

Riboflavin :

0.10 MG

Niacin :

0.72 MG

Mode of Action :

The Riboflavin and Niacin stimulate the muscle colon, Therefore the product is a good treatment to elderly

Hemicellulose, cellulose and pectine help to soften the stool even pass the gut smoothly

Fignine (It is also fiber) acts as a fluids adsorption in the digestive canal, therefore it very effective in influencing intestinal passage

Side Effects :

No health hazards or side effects are known with administration of the product

Dosage And Administration :

One tablet three times a day before meals

Precautions And Warning :

Avoiding excessive consumption carbonated beverages during treatment and attention to drink water

Replace refined flour with whole wheat flour of bread, rice and pasta

Increasing the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits

Properly chewing food

Duration of Treatment :

The duration of treatment lasts 1-4 months young and 6-9 months elderly


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