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Urtica Dioca

Plant name :

Urtica Dioca

Figure available :

all parts, powder

Quality :


Quantity Available :

100000 KG

Medical uses :

Sexual Efficiency

Minimum Order :

1000 KG


The nettle is well known for its toothed, hairy leaves and for its sting. The painful sensation of nettle stings occurs when toxins from specialised hairs are delivered into the skin. Each stinging hair has a bulbous tip which breaks off to leave a sharp, needle-like tube that pierces the skin and injects histamine and acetylcholine, causing itching and burning that may last up to 12 hours.
Uses Nettles have been used for centuries for a multitude of purposes, and continue to be harvested from the wild for food and medicine today.
Nettles are eaten as a vegetable, cooking will destroy the stings. The tender, young shoots and leaves – the most palatable parts – are the main ingredient in nettle soup, which has a reputation for ‘cleansing the blood.
Historically, puddings and beer were made with nettles. Today, the mature leaves are used in the production of cheese ( notably Cornish Yarg ) and in pesto, cordials and herbal tea.
Nettles have also been used to yield vegetable protein similar to tofu made from soya ( Glycine max ). In some parts of Britain ( e.g. Orkney ) the leaves are traditionally fed to pigs to fatten them …


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